The alliance region

Our alliance region is located between the touristic areas of the baltic sea coast and the lake region of Mecklenburg-Pomerania at the east side of Mecklenburg-Pomerania. The region is shaped by large structured farming and a low density population. The negative economic developement in the first decade of the German reunification led to a large movement of the population to tother regions and the economy structure was permanently weakened. Today, small and medium companies settled in the region, but seldom large production industy. Over the last years the large amount of renewable produced energy, which already grew above the regional consumption level,  opened new opportunities for the structural change in the region. The city of Anklam with more than 13,000 citizens and the largest sugar beet processing facility of the region represents an important center and core of the biogeniV alliance.

The alliance members

The city of Anklam, the Cosun Beet Company (CBC; Sugar beet company Anklam) as one of the larges plant processing facilities in our region and the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology e.V. (INP) established a network with currently more than 26 members with common developement goals.

BiogeniV connects research institutes, which have a good reputation, with processing companies of agricalture products and biogas plant owners as well as technology developer and provider.



Michael Galander

City of Anklam

Matthias Sauer

Managing Director
Cosun Beet Company, Anklam

Prof. Dirk Uhrlandt

Scientific Board
Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology