Utilization of currently unused residual green materials, CO2 and renewable energy by new technologies to green fuels and valuable materials

BiogeniV connects renewable energy with bio-economy and therewith paves the way for a sustainable future.

The biogeniV alliance of partners from science, economy and society focuses on different innovations: technologies to produce green methanol out of CO2, technologies to increase the biogas yield and technologies for the utilization of currently unused residual materials like manure and digestate - everything tailored to our regional conditions.


Wandel durch Innovation in der Region (WIR!; engl. change by innovation in regions) - support program

The WIR! programm was initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and supports new regional alliances for sustainable innovation-based change in economically underdeveloped regions.

The biogeniV alliance - utilization of green residual materials - as one of 23 WIR! alliances convinced the jury of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In a two phase selection process with more than 130 appllications, our alliance could enforce wit its regional and technically innovative concept to start the implementation phase with a budget of 15 million euros.

WIR! focus on broad regional alliance with differents members, which identify common innovation potentials. New strategic approaches with already existing innovation potential of our region will be prepared for the future. Creativitiy, courage and farsightedness will enforce the regional profile and offer new perspektives for the change.


People in the center of unused potentials and sustainable structures

The support programm is consciously open for different topics and puts the regional people in the center. On the one hand they are particular affected by the structure change. On the other hand they can manage with their own competence and responsibility the own self-defined innovation area. In this way the alliance members of the region initiate their own dynamic of innovations and pave the way for structural change.

WIR! adresses mainly regions, which have up to now not a visible profile in the innovation area, but have the potential to use the up to know unused innovation potential. This potential shall be utilized by the WIR! alliances.