Our solution paths base on four core innovations:

1) Plasma, catalysators and membranes are coupled for new synthesis processes to offer sutainable and economic processes for the high amount of small and medium scaled bio material processing plants in our region. Therewith, new catalytic and plasma processes are merged for an efficient molecule dissoziation, whereas non-thermal plasma methods have to be adapted for higher pressures and catalytic processes for lower temperatures. Both processes are combined with membrane technology for the seperation of the process products, which offers technical and economic solutions for small sized plants and open new routes for the synthesis of materials.

2) New membrane materials and technology are investigated for an efficient seperation of gases to enable high throughput, high selectivity (gas purity), stability and life-time as well as small sensibility against gas impurities and a low energy consumption. Therewith, new plasma methods are used to produce membranes and to increase the characteristics of the membranes.

3) New methods on the base of plasma technology are investigated for small and medium scaled bio material processing plants e.g. to increase the biogas yield during the fermentation of green residual materials. Plasma technology enables an efficient coupling of energy and heat of renewable energy into the processes instead traditional fossile fuel consuming ones.

4) The material and energy flows of these new and the established processes will be combined in new ways to increase the efficiency of the whole process chains.