Utilization of green CO2

The production of green methanol out of green CO2-source (z.B. biogas , sewage- und alkohol-fermentation plants) in the region of the alliance is focus of this solution path. Methanol as liquid valuable product or energy carrier with a high comparable energy density offers the potential in a wide field of applications where other renewable energier carrier (hydrogen, batteries) up to now could not be useed due to the high volume or weight required (e.g. farming,  heavy goods vehicle traffic,  aviation). The green CO2 is in different purities available, therewith different solutions are investigated to enable a utilization of this sources.

In a one of the beginning projects are the creation of concepts for an existing bio refinery planed to extend the existing structure by new and innovative processes to create valuable products and energy carriers like methanol and methanol derivates. An additional project shall investigate new technologies for the decentral production of methanol e.g. out of biogas by merging catalytic, membrane and plasma technology.